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The Prosper Summit

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Is for powerful unstoppable people, this event focus on the science of building a strong financial foundation in business and the art of building the female business owner. All of this takes place with a collaborative tribe of women speakers that embraces resilience, diversity, and authenticity.

The Prosper Summit offers genuine, honest and transparent conversations about the struggles and triumphs of a woman’s journey in business, in combination with fun-spirited activities that embrace professional growth and stir the soul.

Join the summit for a high-energy and transformative experience that we lovingly described as an event of a lifetime. This summit is designed to equip every attendee with the tools she needs to live a successful and purposeful life.

We believe that true fulfillment comes when you are operating in your God given purpose and surrounded by like-minded people who will support and empower you on your journey to success.

Your general admission ticket will include all workshops, Prosper Swag Bag, a special guest panel along with a presentation honoring amazing women, and of course the opportunity to connect with like-minded people.


 Workshops will include:

  • Prosper In Purpose – Designed to help you discover what you were created to do and come up with a plan on how to begin your journey
  • Prosper Like A Boss – Designed to teach you how to go the next level in your business. You will boss up your image while securing the bag with style and grace.
  • Prosper In Credit – Designed to equip you with tools on how to leverage your business credit.
  • Prosper In Business – On how to launch and grow your business while maintaining your business records and making a statement with social media.
  • Prosper As A Non-Profit – Designed to equip you with tools on how to create an impact in the world while operating a successful and powerful Non-Profit.


As you can see, we are ready to equip you with everything you need to go to the next level in your life! You don’t want to miss it! REGISTER TODAY.

Along with a one-of-kind experience, your ticket includes a catered lunch, Trainings for your business, Next Level Networking Access, Group Mastermind, a complimentary success toast, and exclusive access the Queens Chat Room.

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